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100 days in the Big Brother’s House lighted up by Vistosi

100 days in the Big Brother’s House lighted up by Vistosi

On September 24 the lights of the most "followed" House in Italy, the Big Brother’s, were turned on. And this year the lights that illuminate the participants of the Canale 5 reality hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi are really special, since the furnishings of the House of Cinecittà feature the Vistosi creations, with their sleek, versatile and functional design. The Vistosi collections will unquestionably be protagonists of the show: for the 100-day duration of the reality the lights of the living areas never turn out, allowing the watchful eye of Big Brother and the millions of Italian fans of the format to follow the housemates’ stories inside the House h24.


The Vistosi collections at the Big Brother 14

In a modern and jaunty house as the Big Brother’s the Vistosi creations – with their special combination between Murano glass ancient craftsmanship and internationally renowned designers’ creativity – could not be missing. The bright light of Bot – with its shape reminiscent of the process of glass blowing, in which the incandescent glass contains the light before it even has a definitive shape – will light up the culinary preparations and convivial moments the housemates spend in the kitchen, while the sinuous lines of Papiro, which envelop the light in an ivory fabric lamp shade, throw their warm light on the bedrooms. There’s no better name to go together with the adventures of the participants than Follia (“foolishness”), which is characterized by threads of molten glass applied to the surface and adapts to any environment, thanks to its simple and classic design. The shape of the diamond blown into glass of the Spirit collection conceals the light source with its particular folds that create a unique light reflection. Yuba is available in a wide range of light fixtures, characterized by molten black glass threads applied to its surface that make each piece unique and highlight its handicraft production; similarly Thor – which recalls the strength and concreteness of the god of thunder with its clean, modern design – is a comprehensive collection of pendants, wall, table and floor lamps. Last but not least, the delicate and sinuous Sissi, made of technical mouthblown glass that creates a vertical spot light: hopefully a good omen for love stories between the housemates of the Big Brother’s House.

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