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Angelo Mangiarotti. The Tectonics of Assembly

Angelo Mangiarotti. The Tectonics of Assembly

10th May - 2nd June 2019 Castello di Novara

The exhibition curated by Franz Graf and Francesca Albani proposes a journey through some Angelo Mangiarotti architectures works.

Angelo Mangiarotti is designer, architect and sculptor, who deeply marked the cultural scene of the second post-war period. The interpretation suggested in this exhibition highlights the work of a designer-builder who talks together various themes such as bourgeois residence, workplaces or exhibition spaces.

His critical and speculative approach strains to find an architectural language not necessarily linked to functionality and that gets its strength and uniqueness from The Tectonics of Assembly and weaves real (or figured) dialogues with personality like Konrad Wachsman, Fritz Haller, Max Bill and Jean Prouvé.

His architectural research carried out in an individual way, sometimes solitary, glimpse into the same attention and the same approach he shows towards objects of industrial production, researching sober and elementary forms, able to go beyond differences of scale, function and materials.

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