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Futura lights up the Milan Design Week 2016 at Alchemical Signs Taiwanese Roots

Futura lights up the Milan Design Week 2016 at Alchemical Signs Taiwanese Roots

Vistosi confirms its long-term collaboration with Hangar Design Group at Fuorisalone 2016 on the occasion of Alchemical Signs Taiwanese Roots, which will be held Thursday, April 14 at Via Brera, 2, Milan. The event – during which a selection of objects designed by the creative team for the Taiwanese brand Acera are presented – will be illuminated by Futura, the blown glass collection created by Hangar Design Group for Vistosi.

Hangar Design Group for Acera: new forms of contemporary living
Alchemical Signs Taiwanese Roots marks once again the collaboration between Hangar Design Group and the leading manufacturer of hand-made traditional pottery Acera, which has given rise to a new project dedicated to travelers: the result is a collection of travel mugs, whose inspiration was the alchemy between Taiwanese tradition and Italian design. The essential lines of the traditional Taiwanese ceramics are reinterpreted with a contemporary spirit, soft pastel colours and brighter combinations blend with decorative designs and patterns, creating a perfect combination of state-of-the-art creativity and craftsmanship.

Futura: innovation in tradition at Fuorisalone 2016
The essential Acera ceramics designed by Hangar Design Group will be lighted up by 15 Futura suspensions, in 3 colours, smoke gray, crystal white and amber topaz. The concept of Futura adds new facets to the ancient tradition of glass blowing techniques and creatively reinterprets the charm of antique lanterns, for an objective, rational, clean lighting system. The body of the lamp is made up of the transparent and streamlined shape of the glass that was reinterpreted by cutting it with a semi-raw-effect metal ring, which surrounds and embraces it. The result is a lamp highlighted by the transparency of the glass, which was blown in one piece and made transparent in the upper part, and diffuser in the bottom part. All that aims at the triumph of pure light, enhanced by soft colours that were chosen to make illumination even more natural and only slightly altered. Like the creations of the partnership between Acera and Hangar Design Group that reinterpret the forms of traditional Chinese ceramics in a contemporary fashion, Futura is a lighting system that goes back to past inspirations while keeping a steady eye on the future, the perfect piece of furniture in different living situations.