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The light of Essence at the new tibits in Lucerne

The light of Essence at the new tibits in Lucerne

The new, elegant restaurant of the Swiss chain tibits, that have just opened in the centre of Lucerne, could not be born under a brighter "star": that of Essence, the collection of Vistosi lamps designed by atelier oï, who also planned the entire interior design of the restaurant. In a particularly panoramic location, the first floor of the Lucerne train station, customers can enjoy tibits the vegetarian and vegan dishes for which this veggie chain is famous, surrounded by the functional Moroso furniture and illuminated by Vistosi beautiful lighting system. A Swiss project making use of Italian products to create a refined, modern, avant-garde atmosphere, not to mention comfort and convenience.


Vistosi’s Essence of light
Once again the protagonist of this refined piece of design is the blend used for blowing the Vistosi glass, that guarantees the strength and shine of the materials through time and yet remains the product of a handcrafted process. This is an art, safeguarded by the hands of experienced masters, who face the challenge of manufacturing the new lines and textures born from the designers’ creativity: this is the case of Essence, designed by atelier oï, the prestigious Swiss design firm founded in 1991 by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, whose philosophy is inspired by a close relationship with materials and experimentation.

Presented this year at Euroluce, the leading event in the field of decorative lighting, Essence is a collection of lamps with diffuser in handmade glass rods and LED light source: its glass surface – available in two variants, shaded crystal and topaz – is partially made opaque by a sandblasting nuanced, elegantly blending with the light bronze metal parts. This delicate architecture of glass and metal opens up in a kind of halo that radiates light: a perfect design for a modern furniture, that is characterized by clean lines matching, in their essential nature, with the light in its essence, without unnecessary decorations. This is Essence.



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