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Vistosi in Dubai for the inauguration of the new design space DiaA-Gram no. 4

Vistosi in Dubai for the inauguration of the new design space DiaA-Gram no. 4

Vistosi creations land in the Middle East for the inauguration of DiaA-Gram no. 4, the new design space created in the heart of Dubai, which will open to the public on Wednesday, April 20. Along with other brands of the artistic, interior and architectural design industry, Vistosi will exhibit some of its top collections, including Giogali, Tubes, Poc, Rina, Damasco.


Vistosi lights up DiaA-Gram no. 4
The new creative hub realized by the design firm Concept Me in the industrial area of Al Quoz, Dubai, is a multifunctional space, the first of a long series that the agency is planning to open in other locations. Much more than a store, DiaA-Gram no. 4 is a workshop of ideas, a cafe, a meeting place, an espace habité, where the brands of the design industry from all over the world will exhibit their creations to an international clientele. Vistosi is among them, and will light up this design and creativity mine with its shining collections: Giogali, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, a decorative lighting system based on a single element, the handmade glass link, that can be arranged to produce chandeliers and structures of any dimension; Tubes by Studio Lissoni – Matthias Hickl, a series of five elements of straight lines in different lenghts made of mouthblown glass, which can be used as standalone pendants and ceiling fixtures or for multiple combinations; in Poc by Barbara Maggiolo the spherical glass presents an internal membrane that acts as a lens to create the illusion of being made in two halves and adds a sense of dynamic change of intensity and colour to the surface; once again the result of Barbara Maggiolo’s creativity is Rina, whose form is inspired by the dandelion flower, which was created with the traditional murrina technique in an organic light texture; the oriental charm of Damasco, a successful series by Paolo Crepax, was produced with the bozzolo technique that consists on applying threads of molten glass thus creating an organic texture.


The inauguration of DiaA-Gram no. 4 will be held on Wednesday, April 20 from 14 to 20 at Warehouse 4, Dubai.