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Vistosi included in the 100 Italian Excellencies: a book that celebrates the best of Made in Italy

Vistosi included in the 100 Italian Excellencies: a book that celebrates the best of Made in Italy

Vistosi included in the 100 Italian Excellencies: a book that celebrates the best of Made in Italy

One hundred stories of excellence, one hundred Italian stories that, like the pieces of a large and colourful mosaic, make up together the best of contemporary Italy: this is the subject of the book 100 Eccellenze Italiane (100 Italian Excellencies), published by Riccardo Dell'Anna Editore. A gallery on paper made of characters, brands, companies and organizations that have woven into the fabric of their projects tradition and history, plus innovation, creativity and courage to reach Made in Italy highest quality. Vistosi – a brand that has made the excellence in craftsmanship of Murano glass, combined with cutting edge design and technology, their mission and guiding principle – is one of them.


The "best Italy" in one volume

With its showcase of best practices, 100 Eccellenze Italiane – that will be presented by Alessandro Cecchi Paone on December 3 in the Queen's Hall in Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome, seat of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament – becomes a symbol of the Italian spirit to be exported worldwide and outlines the traits of our national identity, built on centuries-old traditions and based on a way of life that has always been passionate about beauty.
The selection – made by the Observatory of the publishing house, with the superintendence of an honorary technical-scientific Committee, composed of academics and prominent personalities representing major national bodies – comprises men and women representing an immaterial wealth that is the driving force of many sectors. From design to journalism, from philosophy to economics, from legal science to art, from architecture to music, from fashion to gastronomy, going through engineering, physics and mathematics, food processing, aerospace, music, cinema, theatre, sport, dance and many other fields: each and everyone of them is associated with names, stories, experiences of persons that have contributed and keep on contributing with their work to enhance the name of the “best Italy”.


Vistosi: for 70 years a synonym for Italian quality, talent and originality 

Like many needles embroidering a single cloth, so this volume, with its successful stories achieved through creativity and study, science and analysis, technology and research, weaves a hopeful perspective for a reaffirmation of the Italian economic and cultural world, and Vistosi proudly partakes in it.

Their story began in 1945 with Guglielmo Vistosi opening a new glasshouse in Murano, but the out-and-out change was brought forth in 1960 with the idea of introducing a "name" in glass, i.e. tying the production to the most famous designers of the time, such as Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass, Adalberto Dal Lago. Time has proved them right: the success of this revolutionary connection between the tradition of Venetian glass and projects by designers has brought this traditional processing to a new level. 

Local production, timeless designs, maximum durability of the materials (glass, steel and copper, all 100% recyclable), minimal use of plastic, development of energy saving versions (fluorescent, LED, etc.): these are the ingredients of the success of Vistosi, that is top-level in the design and manufacture of glass lighting systems on an international basis.