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Vistosi lights up the Design Night Festival in Tallinn with Trepai

Vistosi lights up the Design Night Festival in Tallinn with Trepai

Versatility: this is the key to the collection designed for Vistosi by Favaretto & Partners that will be present at the Design Night Festival, from September 17 to September 20 in Tallinn.


Trepai: Favaretto & Partners for Vistosi

Designed for Vistosi in 2013 by the prestigious Favaretto & Partners, Trepai is designed to fit in both classic and contemporary contexts. The design firm was inspired by Venice for the design of Trepai: its name comes from “three sticks” in Venetian dialect and it has an echo of Japanese phonetics, which transmits both the simplicity and severity of that culture. The three sticks that inspired this product are the briccole, the mooring dolphins in the lagoon, especially those lighting the route of sailing boats: so Trepai combines the simplicity of walnut wood, glass – glossy white or gray in the two variants available – and visible metal parts made of satin-finish nickel in order to create a simple, clean and rigorous shape.


Vistosi’s light at the Design Night Festival with Favaretto & Partners

This edition of the Design Night Festival of Tallinn will be once again a showcase of international design in the heart of the capital of Estonia: the festival will present the public with new experiences and knowledge through seminars, workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows, film programs. Among the international guests, coming from Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Portugal, Paolo Favaretto will represent Italian industrial design with his design objects, including Trepai, a versatile and essential lighting system evoking the magic and charm of Venice.